Kids vs Zirus

An interactive competition between students

To help to spread information about Zica Virus and Aedes Aegypti for kid the Brazil Government decided to transform a hard topic in something ludic and fun. The main idea was to attract kids into this theme helping to avoid the virus infection and at the same time play and share with the community. The solution was to create an interactive competition with friends.



Design Sprint

I created the game design, UI, UX and all the illustrations.

It was my first experience with games and I got very excited and motivated to work on this. It was definitely a big project with a crazy and fast deadline as they needed the design ready to launch in only 2 months. 

The concept of the game was made in 2 weeks and the design phase tooks 3 weeks.
For this project I created more than 50+ screens, 30 original characters, 4 mini games
and more than 15 versions of the game icon.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 21.25.18.png

Zirus Design

My main problem here was to design an icon with a fly (Aedes Aegypti) because it needed to be a little cute so It could be kids friendly but at the same time it still had to look like a villain. Designing a fly is not very aesthetic but this specific one had something I used to create a fun look: the characteristic black and white stripes on its legs. 


The characters

Another cool aspect of this projects was the necessity of inclusion, because the kids needed to be represented in at least one character

That’s why I created different characters with a wide range of color skin, hair shape and length, body shape and height as well as different clothing and style. 

It gave the app an extra functionality and gave the user a new tool and experience inside the game.


Launch Day

This game was launched in a big event at the Brasília Stadium with more than 500 kids and their teachers. It was a special day at my carrer seying all those kids running, having fun and learning with the game that I designed was something really memorable.

Aedes Egypt doesn’t sound fun, but transforming a bad thing into an interactive and educational game for the kids was such a cool experience.
— Thiago Macedo - Project Owner at MEC