Portal Banco do Brasil


Banco do Brasil is the largest bank of Latin America

with +200 Billion Dollars in assets

The bank has focused their efforts on developing transactional internet banking and mobile apps, but they hadn’t updated their public-facing website for seven years.

A huge part of their 6 Million Monthly unique visitors were unable to find information regarding their products and services. This was causing huge customer service overflow.

One of our goals was to make the new website accessible and available for all devices. The big challenge and opportunity was to understand and rewrite all content (+30.000 pages)

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Created for the new generation

The biggest bank in Brazil needed to communicate with the young new generation, looking more modern and trustful by making the website more comprehensive, easy to navigate and looking updated.

This project started with a small team of six UI/UX Designers, one writter, one art director and one Creative Director.


Design System

We Worked Together through 12 one-week design sprints.

We used real content and designed modular components and templates in order to provide flexibility and reusability.

We delivered more than 300 pages templates, +1000 design mockups and a robust design pattern library



I am thankful to have worked on this project because it was a school for me showing how to work with pressure and small deadlines. It introduced to me to the world of user test and experience.  

After Implemented I could see the importance of the usability and how it had an impact in the bank sales. We changed the way people, specially  the younger, see the bank now.