Breeze is CareCloud’s friendly
patient intake platform

I's a complex plataform that you can schedule, cancel and organize your appointments, get all your exams results, pay directly trought the app, check for status, talk with the doctors and a lot more. Their goal is to modernize the way clinics run their business and the relationship doctor-patient in United States, making it more simple, easy and fast.

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  • Usually patient intake is a long, boring flow.

  • Add payment flow to the mix.

  • Multi-platform: iOS, Android,

  • web Practice side should be as easy and friend
    as patient side.



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A massive App

The first big challenge here was to create an App for the doctors and one for the patients. The flow of these two Apps are completely different and each one of them had to have different looks and functionalities. 

This project was very intense as the designing team was really small, to create more than 1000 screens! Also, it pushed me to think with “a doctor's mind” and at the same time think “what would a patient fell about that? Would it make his life easier?”

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New Experience

After I designed my first exam I could see how this job was important to my career as it took me to a whole new level of experience. I learned a lot about the medicine field and how to design and create good solutions for it. After 1 year Breeze is already available for some clients in Beta phase. :).

With Breeze in place we saw a 25 minute check-in process go down to 5-7 minutes for new patients, and as little as 2 minutes for existing ones.
— Dr. Glass from South Georgia Primary Care