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Modernizing Beach
& Poolside Ordering

Hotels face a big issue when it comes to delivering food & drink to their visitors

Large geographical areas combined with inefficient, manual processes negatively impact bottom line profits & guest experience.

Eazyo approached us with an idea and a partner that was too good to be true. We quickly jumped into design sprint sessions to discover & test the best solutions to get food & drinks to visitors across a massive geographical area with no street signs, no fixed markers, and where visitors tend to move throughout the day.


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Now with the Boucher Brothers as partners, Eazyo has become the exclusive and only way to deliver food to visitors at hotels & public beaches across South Florida.

As an extension of their team, we continue to work on expanding Eazyo’s offering from just delivery to pick up, room-service, spa-scheduling and more

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My role

I was responsible to redesign and create a new experience for Eazyo.

It started with a Design sprint to understand the goals, and 3 days to delivery the very first flow.

My first thoughts on this app was to create something clean and direct to the point, the Eazyo users wants to order food and beverages without any effort, so I started to research solutions to achieve that.

The main complaint of the first version was the difficult to deliver your order on the beach without contact you to confirm your position.

I took care of that and created a whole new solution, with a new map and number for the chairs on the beach.

Another point of improvement was the Payment solution, venue selection, and a completely new ordering flow.

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Having no technical background, choosing our product team was crucial. Astroid help us put the proper systems & process in place to run a
successful startup.
— Brett Benza, CEO @ Eazyo