Homz Direct


Homz Direct

a fully electronic mobile real estate transaction

What’s is it? Homz Direct is a fully electronic mobile real estate transaction that removes the realtor and places the buyer and seller at the center of the transaction. Seems very cool, right? But, what happens if we remove the realtor from the operation?

The whole process of selling and buying a house is very stresfull and envolves more than 2 weeks of papework and many visits to the office... the client spend so much time that the secretary remember their name and at the end you still have the chance of loosing money for nothing.


Understanding Homz

Real state apps are really complex, they have a lot of rules and are very different
from the reality that I am used in my country, so I had to study a lot this field, learning how the rules works in United States. 

On this job I was designated to create the full design of the app, the entire flow and the brand. We did a field research for 3 weeks with 5 potencial buyers and 5 sellers and we follow by close this users, step by step to understand every single detail of the transaction.


Making People's
life easier

I Worked for 1 month on this project as I tried to create something easy to the user to understand and to walkthrough.

Simple steps - Register your data - Buy or Sell - Check bank register - Check for houses - contact - see the house and Deal

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 08.15.02.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 08.15.17.png
ico .jpg


After the ALPHA version we distributed this app for a  group of 10 users to test. After some notes and some improvements, the app is getting ready for BETA. 

This was a really great project to work because I believe on this idea and how it can impact on people's life by transforming an old cultural process in something fresh and modern with just a simple idea.